Create Free Website (With Picture)

How to create a free website? Create Free Website ? If you want to make free website with blogger then here we will guide you with picture. Creating own blog is very simple task, just like making cup of tea. Means for making blog we just need 5 minutes.

What is Blog / Website?

Blog is place where we share our ideas, opinions. Website commonly used to promote our business, sharing ideas etc.
Many peoples makes blog and make money through blogging. Blogging is best way to earn money from home. Peoples makes blog to share their knowledge all over the world.
You can make blog on different topics such like internet guide, computer tips, troubleshooting, make money, sports news, fashion etc.
If you have great knowledge about any subject then you can create blog on that subject.

Make a free Blog on Blogger (With Picture):

Blogger is product of google. After making blog on blogger we can also add our own domain name to it. Blogger is totally free.

website free of cost/create website google

Step 1:
First up all open click on create your blog.


Create Free Website
Step 2:
Then sing in trough Gmail account. (If you don’t have a Gmail account then create it)
Step 3:
Create you profile there are two ways to create profile. Select create a Google + profile enter your details.
create profile
Step 4:
After creating profile you will see the blogger dashboard. Then click on Create a new blog.
new blog
Step 5:
After clicking on create a new blog, then one popup windows will open then fill the blog title & URL.
Title: Blogging Guide – Learn Blogging
(If blog URL is not available then it ways say’s “this blog url is not available” then add another URL)
After filling title, URL, Select theme from given themes & then click on create blog.

Enter title and url
Step 6:
Now your blog is ready to post new things. From blogger dashboard left side you will see the lots of option form that click on Post – Create a new Post.
  •  Free Blog, Website कैसे बनाएँ (A-Z Guide)
This is basic tutorial about how to create a free blog on blogger within 5 minutes.
In our next post we will discuss about how to create a new post, how to add pages to blog etc.

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