What is bitcoin? What is Bitcoin Address, Current Price?


Here we discussing about world increasing crypto currency Bitcoins. What is bitcoin, what is bitcoin address/wallet?

What is bitcoin


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital crypto currency which is used to make online payment, send and receive money to bit coin wallet. We can make online shopping through the Bitcoins.
Bitcoin is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin can be denoted as BTC, mBTC, µBTC.
Nobody owns the Bitcoin network much like no one owns the technology behind email. Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world. In bitcoin transaction no third party involved like banks.
Bitcoin are mostly used due to:
Low Transaction Cost
Worldwide Payment are Sends and Receives.
Bitcoin Rate/Price:
Bitcoin price is changing day by day. It is not fixed. Now 22-5-2017 bitcoin price is as follows:
1 Bitcoin = 2227.96 US Dollar
1 Bitcoin = 143541.39 Indian Rupee
We can check bitcoin price on google, just search “today bitcoin Price”. Google shows current bitcoin price. 

What is Bitcoin Address?

To send, receive Bitcoins you need a bitcoin address. Bitcoins address is same as like your email address, or your bank account.
Bitcoin address consist of alphabet, number etc.
Example:  30uAbMgDJupShBVTewXjrtvBdk78v5MnDwf2hb

How to Create Bitcoin address?

There are number of sites where you can create your bitcoin wallet.
Some of the sites are as follows:
1 .blockchain.info
2 .xapo.com
3 .bitcoinwallet.com
4 .www.unocoin.com
5 .www.zebpay.com
Just go to the website enter your email id & create password for the wallet.
After that confirmation link is send into your mail open it & confirm it.
Your Bitcoin wallet is ready. Fill all information into your wallet. Some websites needs some document to verify your account like (Unocoin, zebpay).
The Bitcoin Address Looks Like as follow it have 27 to 34 alphanumeric character.
Example:  30uAbMgDJupShBVTewXjrtvBdk78v5MnDwf2hb
How to Get/Earn Free Bitcoins?
There are number of ways to earn Bitcoins. You can earn Bitcoins by surfing advertisement, playing games, betting etc. In next post we will discuss how to earn free bitcoin easily as well as how to create bitcoin address by using Unocoin.


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